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If you’ve been looking for a lucrative business to start in Nigeria, then mini importation should be your first or second option. In this course, I’m going to show you everything and the steps you need on how to start a profitable and successful mini importation business.

Course Description

Hello, my name is Awogor Matthew. I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that help us earn a living online and in this course, I’ll be showing you how to launch a profitable mini importation business that will set you on the right path to financial freedom.

With the knowledge I will be sharing with you joined with your action taking endeavours, you too can import products at low manufacturer’s prices from China and sites like 1688, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Taobao or other of my secret methods/direct suppliers and sell them for a much higher profit margin sitting in your house or office.

A few years ago, after successfully running a mini importation business and seeing the gains and flexibility adding to my current engagements as of then, I decided to not keep the knowledge to myself alone but also to share it with others.

What is knowledge if it’s not shared with people who might need it anyway, right?

So I introduced my first mini importation course and trust me, I won’t say it was the best but at least it was better than 90% of some high-tickets importation courses they are selling out there from the ratings I got from my students.

My students have access to direct procurement agents, purchase dollars at the lowest rate ever using my secret methods, shipping agents in China who delivers to doorsteps, etc.

Myself, I already bought two courses which didn’t’ teach the best approach to mini importation. The first course I bought actually cost around N25,000 which was just how to buy on Aliexpress and ship to Nigeria and start selling to a random customer.

And I tell you what, there was nothing like money back in the course trust me, I could have requested for a refund because it was total crap and waste of time, energy, money and overhyped compared to how it was advertised.

I invested in another course author who seems to promise heaven and earth on his sales page which ended up the same but this time with price deference.

I did try my best though and imported a product (Night Driving Glass) which cost around $6/pieces whereas, it was possible to get the same product on the best source for $1 or less. It took 46 days to get to me with the high shipping fee and then I already lost interest concerning Mini importation and wanted to give up already about the product I had already purchased.

I’ve literally contacted Aliexpress multiple times to get a refund and they said it’s 90 days or full refund no question asked. Luckily for me, 46 days later, the product arrived at my address in Nigeria and I picked it up and it was just 10 pieces which I ended up spending 15k on adverts before selling them off and my interest then was just 10k. Good right? Of course, I was happy with the progress but I could have made N75k or even N110k interest if only I knew what I know now, which I’m going to teach you here.

So, I didn’t invest the remaining money, I decided I won’t use that method anymore and I began to dig and search for a better way so I could work smart like other guys who claimed to be doing well with mini importation.

So, I decided to go the extra mile and I can’t remember how or perhaps I don’t want to tell you how on this memo but truth is, I found a lady in China who became my first eye-opener for mini importation. Since I’m already giving you every information in this course, you do get to meet em all anyways. So nothing to worry about.

Long story cut short, I completed my first order through her and got my products delivered to me within 7 days. Wow…

I was buying goods with N280/$ as against the normal dollar exchange of N365/$. As of the day, I’m editing this part, the dollar is N570/$ but I still import products from China paying N400/$.

You might be asking how?

Well, in the last version (Mini Importation v1.0) I showed my students how I did this and how they too could do it and I will also show you how to do it right here in v2.0.

But I’ll tell you what, the reason I’m launching the Mini Importation v2.0 is that a lot of things have changed and I have to take the course up to date, and also to add what I forgot to add to v1.0, to improve the quality of the overall course and a lot more reasons. So you’re on the right paths and…..

I have packaged a lot of what your eyes would not believe inside plus giving you instant access to all the bonuses and teaching you how to import products from the USA, and the UK to Nigeria at the best cheapest rates ever.

Dear, this is just ‘one’ of the best investments you’ll be making so far.

How much can you use to start a Mini Importation Business?

You can start your importation business with as low as N20,000 and scale it to as high as N750,000 per month or more depending on how your faith, strength and confidence can carry you. But hey, this business model is an evergreen one and not for thinking thinkers who feel everything is about scams.

Welcome to Mini Importation v2.0 with Awogor. See you inside

What you'll learn

  • Understand the concepts of eCommerce
  • Become an expert mini importer
  • Know how to buy dollars at N400/$
  • Learn to design a website using WordPress & Elementor (Pro version attached)
  • Learn how to sell with Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Set a side hustle that pays your bills

Course Content

35 Lessons06h 43m

Module 1: An Intro to eCommerce and why you should go into it?

In this module, we are going to talk about eCommerce and how it has impacted African economy.
What do you understand by the term eCommerce?

Module 2: Mini Importation Explained?

Learn the basic of what mini importation is all about, the origin, and discover how low priced products can be sold for high prices.

Module 3: Getting Started with Alibaba Group Websites?

In this module, we will talk about an Introduction to Aliexpress, 1688, Taobao, and How to Use them effectively. How to Shop in 1688, Taobao by yourself, Contacts Suppliers, and Negotiate Prices. How to negotiate prices with suppliers directly on Aliexpress And free Shipping plus How to Pay Your Suppliers alone.

Module 4: Calculation of Procurement, Local & Int’l Shipping Fee?

This module is divided into 3 sub-modules explaining simple formulas for calculating the cost of goods, local shipping and international shipping fee.

Module 5: Niche & Research, Testing and Commercial Videos

Module 6: Contacts of Procurement Agents

Module 7: How to Professionally Sell your Products?

In this entire module, we're going to talk about how to sell all your imported products even before they arrive your hand all without even seeing your customers.

Module 8: How to buy and Domain, Host and Design your site alone using WordPress?

In this module, you'll learn all the step by steps to building your own website by yourself. All the steps from; 1. Buying a domain 2. Hosting your site 3. Installing WordPress 4. Building beautiful landing pages with Elementor Pro (Included) 5. Building Sales pages with Cartflow (Free or Paid)

Module 9: How to Run a Converting Facebook Ads?

In this module, we'll stress it deeper to selling on social media with paid and sponsored ads. After completing this training, you should be able to create a high converting Facebook ads that bring sales.

Module 10: Database of Courier Service Companies (Nigeria)


About the instructor

I work closely with action takers like you to create profitable ideas that help us earn a living online working from home. When you pick any of my courses, you gain instant access to a wide range of resources to help you earn online.
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The course is extraordinary!!
It explains everything from A to Z regarding Nutrition and also there are some very valuable workout tips.
Great job!

Absolutely fantastic!! Thanks so, so much Felix for your concise, practically useful and well informed course.

  • Level All Levels
  • Duration 06h 43m
  • Lessons 35 Lessons

Material Includes

  • 6.43 hours on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile laptop and TV
  • Certificate of Completion



  • No basic knowledge or experience is required, just know how to surf the internet
  • Own or have access to a smartphone or laptop connected to the internet
  • Readiness & willingness to learn and implement what you learned

Target Audience

  • Anyone willing to start a new business in the e-commerce industry
  • Anyone with an intent to start a new business or add to their current businesses
  • Civil servants, youth corps, unemployed and everyone else interested in entrepreneurship and wants to make money working from home or office