Module 1: An Intro to eCommerce and why you should go into it?

In this module, we are going to talk about eCommerce and how it has impacted African economy.

Module 2: Mini Importation Explained?

Learn the basic of what mini importation is all about, the origin, and discover how low priced products can be sold for high prices.

Module 3: Getting Started with Alibaba Group Websites?

In this module, we will talk about an Introduction to Aliexpress, 1688, Taobao, and How to Use them effectively. How to Shop in 1688, Taobao by yourself, Contacts Suppliers, and Negotiate Prices. How to negotiate prices with suppliers directly on Aliexpress And free Shipping plus How to Pay Your Suppliers alone.

Module 4: Calculation of Procurement, Local & Int’l Shipping Fee?

This module is divided into 3 sub-modules explaining simple formulas for calculating the cost of goods, local shipping and international shipping fee.

Module 5: Niche & Research, Testing and Commercial Videos

Module 6: Contacts of Procurement Agents

Module 7: How to Professionally Sell your Products?

In this entire module, we're going to talk about how to sell all your imported products even before they arrive your hand all without even seeing your customers.

Module 8: How to buy and Domain, Host and Design your site alone using WordPress?

In this module, you'll learn all the step by steps to building your own website by yourself. All the steps from; 1. Buying a domain 2. Hosting your site 3. Installing WordPress 4. Building beautiful landing pages with Elementor Pro (Included) 5. Building Sales pages with Cartflow (Free or Paid)

Module 9: How to Run a Converting Facebook Ads?

In this module, we'll stress it deeper to selling on social media with paid and sponsored ads. After completing this training, you should be able to create a high converting Facebook ads that bring sales.

Module 10: Database of Courier Service Companies (Nigeria)


Mini Importation Explained